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Vertigo - Patricia Ratterman

Vertigo - Patricia Ratterman

Bio - Patricia Ratterman - Actress

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Patricia Dortha Ratterman, born Patricia Dortha Bushmiller (AKA: Patricia Nance/Patricia D. Dickerson) stared as a movie extra much of her life.

Born in Reno, Nevada on Halloween Day in 1934 to Patrick Bushmiller and Olive Ardena Charlton (Bushmiller), she grew up dreaming of a career in films.

Some of her film and television work included: The Lineup (1954-1960), Harbor Command (1957), Pal Joey (1957), 333 Montgomery Street (1957-1960), Vertigo (1958 - as Kim Novak's screen double), Portrait in Black (1960), Lady of the House (1978), and The Competition (1980).

She once commented that Richard Dreyfuss was the nicest actor she had encountered over all of her years in the film industry.

She also enjoyed modeling when the opportunity presented itself.

She passed away in Vallejo, California in November 2001. She is survived by her son, Royce A. Ratterman, and four grandchildren.

Newspaper Article 1958

Newspaper Article 1958
Patricia Ratterman

Friday, November 30, 2012

Responses We All Have Heard Before

Viable answers one can use - from a well known politician's Town Hall Meeting in Jan 2010 - and it was just one question and answer period!

Learn by example and by those highest in the political chain of command

Some have been restructured for your own personal usage & adaptation

Commitment to work through this issue until full resolution can be achieved

Working very hard to try to

Doing as well as I can

We will be having many meetings

I take everything seriously and endeavor to work through it to the best of my ability

I'll get back to you

Constantly exploring

Going to explore

Going to do

Ongoing process

In the process

I think that we have

Do the best under the circumstances

Following up on that

It's a high priority

See if we can work on trying to

I think we are going to

Those issues have to be addressed

I have no other choice - (used when something is law and/or forced upon you)